H.I.P. - High Impact Polymer



AIRCOM is the only manufacturer on the market that is able to offer as an alternative to aluminium a solution with a special, ductile thermoplastic material (HIP – High Impact Polymer).

Junction of pipes and fittings of the Classic Line and Freeze Line piping systems is made by means of the so-called cold welding system through a special, new generation cold welding “glue” expressly formulated for use with AIRCOM’s materials.

Owing to outstanding polymer resistance to corrosion, CLASSIC LINE is a perfect solution for use in production plants with an aggressive environment.

CLASSIC LINE comes in diameter sizes from Ø20 - Ø110 mm.

FREEZE LINE was expressly developed for coolant fluids delivery and for distribution systems with
operating temperatures down to -20°C.

FREEZE LINE comes in the diameters  20 - 32 - 63 mm