Safety and Reliability
Control Quality System



Compressed air is a powerful driving force: therefore, efficiency of each point of the piping systems cannot be separated from the search for maximum safety both for humans and for environment.

The goal of maximum safety is achieved by testing and checking each product and process on the one hand, and by granting continuous support during installation on the other hand.

AIRCOM is monitoring the quality of all in-house produced components, from design to after-sales assistance, as well as of any purchased components through a series of stress tests requiring each part to pass parameters far beyond controls established by law.

Keeping full control over the entire supply chain enables AIRCOM to offer superior efficiency and guaranteed results.

AIRCOM’s technical, industrial and commercial activity is regulated according to company quality standard UNI EN ISO 9001 and is certified by the German TÜV institute.

Furthermore, the Quick Line System also obtained the special T.S.S.A. (Technical Standard & Safety Authority) Certification.
(Technical Standards & Safety Authority).

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